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Consultative Real Estate Prospecting and Sales Conversation Skills

What Are Sales Skills, Anyway?

I've been eating, sleeping, and breathing "sales training" for so long now, that the language of influence has become intertwined into my speech patterns. I've almost unwittingly become an expert at selling to my kids, partner, and friends in addition to my prospects. Surprisingly, as often as I use these techniques, no one seems to catch on, and it probably makes me a more agreeable person to be around.


Because when selling, I do more listening than talking. I ask interesting questions that others enjoy answering. I tell stories that relate to what they've been talking about. I don't go on and on about myself, my product, or reasons they should agree with me.

How Does that Work in Real Estate Prospecting?

This type of selling is often called consultative sales, or my own version, called Openhanded Selling. In real estate prospecting, it means you'll use your influence to affect someone's decision-making process. Not the decision itself-just the process of making a decision. If that sounds daunting, rest assured that it's surprisingly easy to do once you recognize the language patterns needed to direct a conversation. It's also subtle, supportive, and powerfully effective.

Many people are attracted to consultative sales because they think of it as a "soft sell" approach where they don't have to ask someone to buy. But nothing could be farther from the truth! Done correctly, this method is very specific about what you want people to do-you want them to hire you as their real estate agent.

In consultative sales-unlike traditional benefits-driven selling-you don't promote benefits for the entire first half of your conversation. Instead, you'll only present benefits after you've asked interesting questions that your prospect has enjoyed answering-questions about them and their situation that lead them through a decision funnel. You listen thoroughly, and use your knowledge of real estate business to ask further, even more perceptive questions that help them make decisions.

You don't try to force a decision down their throats. You take your time. Work around to the topic by "priming the pump."

How Does that Compare to Traditional Selling?

Traditional real estate salespeople tend to do one of two things:

  1. They ask a few "needs analysis" questions, get one or two answers, then launch as quickly as possible into how they will fill those needs. Then they talk and talk.

  2. Or they get lost in the conversation. They start off one direction (often casual, chatty), and don't know how to turn it into a sales conversation. That's when they begin to substitute "education" for selling, spending time explaining how buying or selling works and why they're a good choice, rather than finding out if and why the person might be interested or not.

If you know what I'm talking about, then you're probably saying "OK, what can I do about it?"

I'll tell you.

Frame Control

Understand how to begin a sales conversation and maintain control of it consultatively. The frame of the interaction is yours to control.

If you start the conversation one way, that's the frame you've created. Every question you ask controls the frame of the conversation. Don't ask questions that don't move the conversation the direction you want it to go.

If you find the conversation going the wrong way, then recognize that there are certain questions you can ask that naturally shift the frame. For instance, "What would happen if...?"

How to Talk to Sellers about How to Do a Short Sale

Here's an example:
Suppose I'm talking to a teacher about being laid off and not being able to find a new job. I think this teacher might have to do a short sale of her home. She doesn't want to think about short selling her home, does she? Who does? So, rather than asking her directly about whether or not she plans to sell her house, I want to be more subtle. I can move the conversation in the right direction by saying something like, "What would happen if you found a new job that paid a lot less...would you take it?" And away we would go, talking about finances. That would eventually give me an opportunity to talk about how I helped another person in her situation get a fresh start-and how that person is better off now because he took advantage of the easy climate for getting short sales approved.

The framework for a consultative sales conversation mirrors the framework of a person's decision-making process. In other words, if you want to sell without seeming like you're selling, you have to master the steps of the decision-making framework, as well as a handful of influence techniques for moving someone through that framework-naturally.

How a Real Estate Marketing Consultant Can Get Your Listings Sold Fast in Today's Market

How a Real Estate Marketing Consultant Can Turn Your Real Estate Business Around Overnight

A real estate marketing consultant is one who can assist you with presenting your property in the best way. It can be a stiff market out there sometimes so having an edge over the competition is important. You don't want your listing to sit there any longer than it has to. If you need to sell it in a hurry then you need more than just luck on your side. With real estate marketing consulting, it isn't just the best homes and businesses that are being sold. Instead it is those that get noticed by people looking for such property to purchase.

You will notice this approach isn't the standard one size fits all. Instead the consulting will involve your personal needed being looked at. All of the elements of the property will also be covered. Then key points will be made from what you have to offer. All of the information will be accurate. However, it will also be provided in a format that people will find to be very appealing.

There is no shortage of individuals out there looking for property in any given location. The fact that so much of it is buried though means they won't see it. With effective real estate marketing consulting though you can learn the right forms of marketing to use. That is what will get your listing noticed by more people and thus result in it selling faster than you ever imagined.

What Should You Look For?

You need to do your homework though before you hire a real estate marketing consultant. You want to make sure you are getting someone that knows what they are doing.

What I usually do is provide a free consultation with exceptional information that the realtor or broker can use right away that gets results. Others will offer you specific forms of marketing but nothing beyond that. This will likely be less expensive but you have no guarantee that you will get results.

There are many variables to consider so don't rush into it. Still, real estate marketing consulting does seem to be very effective. The key is to be upfront about what you are looking for. You also need to search for the right person to work with in order to make it all come together with an outcome you are happy with.

It the current market condition you need a competitive advantage to get your listings to stand out, get sold fast and the ability to attract more buyers that you can continue to market to for free.

To turn current market conditions to your advantage read the following below for a complete real estate business turn around.

Benefits of a Real Estate Investments Consultant Business

Around the world, many businesses are suffering with financial crisis. In these circumstances, what are the best investment plans? Investing in real estate is a big profitable investment strategy. In this business your returns will be extent. Even tough in these tough times, it is an ideal time to invest your money foreclosure properties like purchase, sell or for residential purpose depends upon the needs of the investor. It is the better time to acquire a well established home for reasonable deals. Purchasing home, it is the biggest financial investments in every ones life. Homes in comfortable areas will gives you attractable returns on your investments.

Every bank will take possession of their property, which are default on monthly installment payments to the bank. These homes are sold by bank through a foreclosure auction. If any home owner tries to sell his property, there are Foreclosure investment opportunities and short sale foreclosure opportunities are available before foreclosure is announced.

Now a days there are lots of housing organization are having their own web sites contains valuable information to provide customer services. You can obtain the auction information available on their web sites. If you do not have much knowledge about internet, it is better to consult a realty investment consultant for more information. And some information is also available in book and guides. You can obtain this information either Internet or a realty agent. You will get maximized returns on these foreclosures in few years form the time your investment is made. You will get a real value on the money spent or the money investment made in foreclosure deals.

Before investing in real investing in real estate business there are lots of points to observe. The present market value of the foreclosure which are interested to invest for and acquiring the correct value is necessary for your investment. You need a thorough knowledge regarding this open market. All the returns in based on the price it will receive. Every state in country is having laws regarding what you can and cannot do in foreclosure homes. If you are not following these laws, there lot of points like life Mortgages or Trust deeds, federal tax liens, lease lands wrong property information and many more will hurt investors. I request you to a proper knowledge of this realty business are essential.

Lastly, a house is built by two hands, but a home is built by two hearts. When you are trying to invest in realty, it is better to consult a real-estate consultant.

Why Is It Beneficial To Work With A Real Estate Consultant

It may look simple to invest in real estate. There are numerous professionals to hire for instance a real estate broker, home-inspector, as well as lawyers. You'll find online classes and tons of info on the web. That however will not compare to a personalized plan which a consultant will give you.

A real estate consultant will have experience in every aspects of purchasing, selling and investing and will be able to assists put everything together. There are plenty of things to overlook. All of the 3 specialists services talked about can help with their own area of expertise. The real estate consultant coordinates everything involved in a real estate investment to make sure it's going properly. If the offer isn't uncomplicated a consultant can help.

Let's say you've got a house that needs an entire rehab or would repositioned be the way to go. Are you experienced in pulling permits? Do you have exceptional connections with nearby building contractors? This is an example of things the consultant will be able to help with.

Prior to you choose a Real Estate Consultant

When considering a Real Estate Consultant, look for an experienced professional, whom provides good references, and who truly comprehends your own goals. Look at an individual whom has worked on jobs comparable to your own and verify to be certain they ended up successful.

Think location as well. Rules in each town will differ. If your consultant has worked with inspectors previously that will be a great help for a renovation project.

Go with your gut and trust your impulse. You and the consultant will certainly have a close relationship during the process. Therefore it's critical that you can perform with each other as well as will be on the same page. A mutual respect will be important therefore take into account during the interview process. Look for a chance to obtain a no charge consultation. This is your chance to discover if they know what they are talking about. Don't anticipate getting too much with this free consultation but you will gather if they truly understand the assistance you actually need.

What are you going to fork out for this service.

We haven't really mentioned is the particulars of exactly what they can do. There are many parts one could help with. A customized program which only offers needed services is one way to go. Some businesses have particular plans and packages, think bundled services. The question is also challenging to answer since truly no process is really alike. Good news is the cost will certainly be much less compared to other professional services.

If you choose the proper person; it's definitely worth it. Keeping an investor from just a single mistake will pay for itself. You might realize a higher Return on your investment with a successful repositioning. Obtaining permits swiftly without a holdup will get a construction task going quick allowing a buyer to sell or rent faster producing a greater profit.

You'll likely end up being very happy if you choose the right real estate consultant for your investment property.

Choosing a Real Estate Agency

If you are a new investor in the real estate market then you should definitely seek out the help of an investment advisor to help you out in making the right decisions. If you are looking for a investment advisor, property investment consultancy, property management services, property renting buying selling real estate appraisal, then choosing an appropriate and reliable agency is the first step towards making sure that you are going in the right direction. Real estate is a great sector to invest your money and letting it grow and become a big fortune for you in the future, but it is also risky. One wrong decision and all your money is gone. You cannot afford to take any rash decisions when it comes to investing in properties and this is why you need a reliable agency or a property investment consultant to give you his expert advice in making the right decisions.

While choosing a reliable agency you have to be sure about the company's credibility like is it certified or not or whether it is recognized by the government or not. Especially if you are looking for property appraisal then you must have some proof that the agency or the consultant you are referring to is legitimate so that your loan lender can be assured that he is entering into a secure deal.

Nowadays, agencies take care of all property related functions. In fact property management is one of the highly sought after services of a real estate agency. Property management includes giving advice on renting buying & selling in commercial projects and residential projects. From choosing the contractor architect to location site to choosing construction workers and equipments and raw materials, to repair and maintenance and finally interior designing, everything is undertaken by the brokers appointed by the agency you are choosing. You will be tension free. Moreover the chances of you making a serious blunder are also less. Especially if you are new in real estate investments then you definitely need the expert advice and guidance of experienced personnel like a property consultancy to help you give a kick start to your real estate career.

You should avail services of reliable property investment consultants in order to get good returns on your investment. The agency you chose should specialize in both consultancy and property management. If you want you can also hire the services of their property advisors or real estate brokers. A lot of people are investing in properties as it is currently experiencing a boom. If you are interested in investing in property too then you must get in touch with reliable investment consultant.

Search a Suitable Property With Real Estate Consultants

Searching a residential real estate in Delhi is not an easy task. As the rates of residential property in Delhi are rising with the passing of each day, it has become very difficult to find a suitable place in Delhi. People are putting the best of their efforts to find a residential place in the capital of India as it is likely to believe that the rates of Delhi's real estate is soon going to face a very good time. As the capital city is the social, cultural and political hub, it attracts a large number of people from all across India like business owners and job seekers.

Various contractors and builders purchase plots and lands so as to construct buildings, apartments and flats. These properties are then sold at a very high rate. Also, people prefer to purchase real estate in Delhi because of the fact that there are various facilities that come along with it. In posh areas like New Friends Colony, Civil Lines and Greater Kailash, problems of water and electricity are not faced much.

There are online real estate consultants as well that can be very useful in providing necessary information like rates and infrastructural details about a particular place. Also, these online property consultants answer to the queries of potential buyers so that the latter could not face problems while purchasing real estate in Delhi. Victoria Gardens, Parsvnath Paramount and Parsvnath Tropicana are the best among the upcoming residential projects in Delhi. The Parsvnath Tropicana aims to provide niche in the area near Civil Lines. This project is spread over a vast land stretch of about seventeen acres and the best part is that the importance of natural surroundings are kept in mind and around seventy percent of the land proposed for residential property is reserved for making parks and lawns.

Similarly, the project of Victoria Gardens has been designed to make residential real estate on the Mall Road near North Campus. So, by taking the details from online real estate consultants, the purchasers can benefit tremendously. Information about leasing or rent is also provided by the online consultants. Also, according to one's budget, details about ordinary apartments, villas, penthouses and luxury apartments are provided as well. Therefore, in today's times, buying and selling a real estate property has become an easy and less time consuming task as compared to older times when we had to be dependent on the property dealers to decide the fate of our property.

Selling Your Property Privately - Hire a Real Estate Consultant to Sell Like a Pro

Selling Your Property Privately -- Hire a Real Estate Consultant

If you are selling your property privately, you do not have to handle the nuances and intricacies of sale alone.

You could retain the services of an expert real estate broker and pay a reasonable fee for being your consultant. You will still do all the activities yourself, but the consultant will be there as a retainer to advise you at every step of the sale.

It should not be difficult to hire one for about $5,000 or say about 20%, of the commissions, that you would normally pay to a real estate brokerage to sell the property. For a high valued property, this could tantamount to savings of tens of thousands of dollars over the traditional way of selling and hiring the services of a Real Estate Broker.

Hiring a consultant to sell a property privately is not a common practice, but just because it is not a common practice, should not be the reason, not to hire one.

With step by step consultation, you will get guidance through the entire process of sale. You will save your self from blunders that could cost you money, complications and even the sale of your home. You will be able to handle the private sale like a "Real Seasoned Pro" and sell your property fast and for the highest price.

Consultation could cover all marketing matters relating to the sale of your property such as Advertising, ad writing, search and selection of right written media and internet, preparation of your property for the highest sale price, how to show your property, What to do and what not to do, offer preparation, mortgage and other financing arrangements, bridge financing, building inspection, negotiations, preparation of offers, sign backs and counter offers, different winning strategies, conditional offers, removing of the conditions, title insurance, property survey and full marketing consultation right to the day of closing.

With the process of selling becoming complex and the consumer more focused on saving money, hiring a Real Estate consultant should be a viable option for the private sellers.