Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Is it True? Marketing Tips For Real Estate Agents That Dramatically Increase Sales & Listings

Marketing is a key ingredient for any type of business out there you can imagine. It doesn't matter if you sell products or services. It also doesn't matter where your business is located or the cost of what you sell. Marketing tips for real estate agents can really help to ensure you are on the right track. There are some tried and true methods that prove to be effective in this line of business.

Still, you have to be willing to break out of the traditional role. Creating and trying out some new things can enhance the quality of what you offer. It will certainly give those in your target audience something new and fresh to focus on. If you aren't really sure about these real estate agent marketing tips, they try this exercise and see what you discover.

What's Wrong With Real Estate Marketing Today?

Open up a newspaper to the various real estate listings. Do most of them sound the same? Chances are they do. In fact, most of them could be the same add with just the address and pricing information different. Someone who is looking through all of these ads to find property that they are interested in is going to get bored fast reading that material over and over again.

Now, this isn't to say that among the marketing tips for real estate agents isn't using the newspaper. What it means though is that you do need to be more creative with how you list it. Since most ads are charged by the word it is understandable why people post as few words as possible. Yet when you consider each word only costs a few cents it is well worth it to pay more to get people to take an interest in what property you have to sell.

Among the real estate agent marketing tips is to have listings on the internet. This is a very effective method to use for sure. However, a common problem is that these listings aren't updated as often as they should be. It can be very frustrating for a potential buyer to call about something they saw on the site and to be told it is already under contract.

What Realtors Should Do Right Now!

Try to make it a habit to get those listings off the site in 24 hours or less. At the very least add a SOLD message to it so people will know and contrary to popular belief let potential clients know how much the property sold for. Research shows that more and more clients would love to know what a particular home sold for. This is one of the deciding factors they make on choosing an agent. If you can show a potential seller that you can sell a listing for top dollar they will definitely flock to you. Also this shows potential buyers that this person works hard on getting what the client wants. It makes you stand out from your peers as the go to person.

Do your best to add new listings within 24 hours as well. By making a commitment to keeping the site current those looking for property will be more likely to check it out on a regular basis.

Being honest about what is for sell is one of the real estate agent marketing tips you really want to follow. Even though you want to get the sale you need to be up front about what is being purchased. You will find that these marketing tips for real estate agents will make your job more enjoyable. It will also help you to get many happy customers coming your way.

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