Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Imagery and Words in Real Estate Postcards Marketing

A postcard usually meshes images and words printed on a thick paper meant to deliver a message to the audience. These artistic artifacts are made to make the invisible visible and the unnoticed noticed.

If your real estate postcards marketing is in dire need of rehabilitation make sure you know what is wrong first before jumping the gun. The industry is rife with competitors who simply let high-end firms take care of marketing and branding.

When it comes to postcards marketing, these firms often adhere to the following mantra:

There is power in imagery

A real estate postcard that makes use of clear and elaborate images - a breathtaking house sporting a scenic garden view for instance - is particularly effective and appealing. There are two ways to approach images. First, you either say it plainly by presenting a view the way it is (of course, with the added confidence that the property itself possesses a scenic quality visible at plain sight).

Or, you can be more metaphorical about it and put in symbolic images like keys, property silhouettes, property papers and the like. There is a bigger impact if you add a more fantastic twist to the whole image. Say, a gingerbread house or some property that seem as though it came straight out of Hansel and Gretel. For those who prefer the plain view approach, a professional look would do the trick. The agent's image on the postcard counts for a professional look and can even solicit customers' sympathy through a sense of familiarity, if not connection.

There is power in words

Words can leave a deep impression on people. So whatever your profession is or wherever industry you belong to, you need to use enough words to affect change and to give more value to consumers. Using words is alone is not sufficient especially when you are talking about real estate postcards marketing. The effective use of language opens doors that could not have been opened through other ways. Just remember that words are susceptible to misunderstanding so be straight to the point, clear and concise when using them in your postcards.

Also, be informative and speak a language that the general public can understand. Potential clientele are particularly on the lookout for the latest trends in the real estate business. Do not hesitate to show them the extent of your knowledge, but do not drag on.

Real estate is quite a complex and competitive industry. Check your marketing priorities so you can compete with everyone else at arm's length. If your first stretch of marketing is on real estate postcards, then pit your energies at mastering imagery and words first and foremost.

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