Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How To Incorporate Network Marketing Into Your Real-Estate Business

I have a number of friends that are realtors that are thinking about incorporating network marketing into their real-estate business. Can it be done? I would say, "yes", but be sure you know what to look for when you decide to incorporate network marketing into your real-estate business to insure your success.

These two industries are both competitive and will drive you six feet under if you don't know how to market or merge the two and make them work as one. As a realtor, your job is busy enough, but even as busy as you are, it's still a good idea to build a residual asset that can survive any downturn in any given economy and that's where the network marketing industry can lay a foundation.

Now, in order for a realtor to be successful with incorporating network marketing into his or her real-estate business, you must be ready for a change in mindset about the industry, as a whole. What I mean by this mindset change is, don't see the two as competing industries, meaning, you feel that you can't do both, because they are opposite business systems. One major commonality in the two is that real-estate and network marketing are people business, in which most realtors have to be in order to be successful. So, it's a perfect flow.

One other important point is to eliminate the mindset these companies are pyramid schemes or that only the people at the top make all of the money. Nowadays, most of the companies are a member of the BBB and are upstanding. But this isn't to say not to do your research on a company

So, if you're thinking about expanding your real-estate business within the network marketing industry, the way to be successful with merging the two is to partner up with a company that has products and/or services that can work into your real-estate business. If a network marketing company only sells nutritional products, then you might want to rethink joining that company unless you're moving towards a change in your career or you want to sell your prospects nutritional supplements. That would possibly take you too far out of your game plan.

Now, if a network marketing company offers any type of financial products and/or services, something that can help your prospects achieve financial security by working with you as their realtor, then, that would be a better marriage.

There are systems, as a realtor, where you can capitalize from the sale of other realtors in other states you don't even know - all through the power of network marketing. Now, that's just beginning. Imagine generating this additional stream of income from a Doctor's office, though you had nothing to do with that Doctor or the sponsoring of him or her. Meanwhile you're still working your real-estate business.

What is sort of interesting in all of this is that there are some real-estate companies that are incorporating network marketing principles in their structure. It's being seen to be a better business model, altogether.

All in all, it could definitely add a peace of mind to life and no matter how you slice it, you can't ignore the uncertainty in our economy these days, many people are looking for alternate means of generating income. What once was is no longer the what is.

My suggestion is keep your options open never turn down looking at an opportunity to create a residual asset if it can fit in with what you're already doing.

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