Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Green Real Estates Might Just Be the Blessing That the Environment Needed

All of you who tune in to the news channels regularly are sure to know about global warming and the threat that it poses to the environment, and to our very existence. We are standing in the midst of a great danger where our species and all the other living organisms are on the brink of extinction, and we will keep moving towards it at a gradually accelerating rate unless we take some actions, a few strong steps to prevent this disaster from happening. And for that purpose, we definitely need to go green.

One of the major reasons that are responsible for this unprecedented situation is the rising human population and the necessity for suitable living areas for them. Construction of homes, huge complexes, condos causes immense harm to the environment because of the use of certain materials that are very destructive indeed for it. But where there is a will, there is a way and that way is being shown by the rising number of green real estates.

Most of the major ministries in the United States of America have raised an active support for these green real estates that not only are eco-friendly, but are definitely very cost effective. The use of specific materials that are obtained from old buildings that were razed down, the usage of non-toxic paints and green rooftops as well as green or bamboo flooring which are very good for the environment is being promoted as well. Various incentives and tax benefits are being offered for those people who are willing to upgrade their old homes to a green home. Now, although the up gradation would cost a lot of money, in the long run it will be able to compensate with the other benefits that these will be able to provide you with, such as the reduction of the utility bills by nearly 50% and we have already discussed about the incentives and tax breaks.

Green real estates are good for one more thing. Since all of the efforts that were previously made in order to put a rein on the issue of global warming failed miserably due to the excessive carbon footprint that was being left behind, the green real estates have been able to give us respite from that problem. Since almost all the construction materials that are being used are recycled materials, hence, there is no way that the Earth will be polluted again and the sustainable substances hardly need any sort of repair work for a considerably long period of time. That way, you can save some here too. So, it is an all-win situation in any way you look at it.

The bigger cities such as Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and even most of the smaller cities have taken this very noble initiative of promoting the construction of environment friendly buildings in order to conserve the health of the environment (or whatever it is that is left of it) and like most of them, you should also go green.

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